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Farymann Diesel 4.3 kW Marine Generator
The smallest marine diesel generator we' ve seen. Features Farymann Diesel 18W single cylinder diesel engine, water-cooled, 120/240 V output, hand crank and electric start... More


Super Quiet Farymann Diesel 4.3 kW Marine Generator
Features 4 cycle Farymann Diesel 18W, plug-in instrument panel w/ gauges, stainless steel drip pan and low oil pressure/high water temperature shutdowns... More


4,500 Watt Marine Diesel Generator
Quiestest marine diesel generator we've ever seen. Smooth, 1800 RPM diesel engine, heat exchanger cooler with wet exhaust, stainless steel drip and digitial contorl panel. More

Yanmar Marine 9 kW Diesel Generator
Features a Yanmar 3TNV76 diesel engine, brushless generator with AVR, air filter, interlocking rubber mounts, single side service and automatic shutdowns... More


Isuzu 12 kW Marine Diesel Generator
You'll love this quiet, smooth running Isuzu 3CE diesel. It's marinized with heat exchanger and a wet exhaust. Compact design makes this a perfect power plant for your house or fishing boat... More


Isuzu 14 kW Marine Diesel Generator
At 14 kW, this marine genset is the right size for many jobs far from the power grid. Features an Isuzu 3CE diesel engine, turn-key start panel and heat exchanger cooling and a water injected exhaust elbow...More


Isuzu 21 kW Marine Diesel Generator
Features an Isuzu 4LE1 diesel engine with heat exchanger cooling and a wet exhaust, brushless generator with AVR (automatic voltage regulator), gauge panel with oil pressure, water temperature, voltage...More


Yanmar 35 kW Marine Diesel Generator EXPORT Only
This marine diesel is suitable for continous use and has plenty of power to run your house or fishing boat. This set features a four cylinder Yanmar 4TNV98 cylinder 1800 RPM diesel engine w/ heat exchanger, wet exhaust... More

John Deere 65 kW Marine Diesel Generator
An engineer's dream, this set is simple to operate and maintain. Features a John Deere 4045TFM85 marine diesel engine with keel cooling and a wet manifold... More


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