Vegetable Oil Lister Type 6,600 Watt Generator

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Vegetable Oil Lister Type Generator 6,600 Watt - Runs on straight vegetable oil right out of the box! No mechanical alterations required. Reduce your carbon footprint and save money using waste vegetable oil. Grow your own fuel planting sunflowers or soybeans and pressing new vegetable oil. As fossil fuel prices increase your system becomes more valuable!

The home energy system of the future based on renewable energy!

This engine's simple, tried-and-tested design utilizes the engine's waste heat and a 12 V heater to heat the vegetable oil to about 160 degrees. The high temperatures thin the vegetable oil, giving it the same visciocity (thickness) as diesel fuel.

How the Vegetable Oil Pre-Heating Works

The Lister Type engine is based on the original design first developed by RA Lister in 1929. The engine is legendary for its record for longetivity with many engines running in excess of 100,000 hours without being overhauled. This unit features a 1000 RPM 12 HP single cylinder Lister Type engine, indirect injection, pre-heating system for vegetable oil, vegetable oil/engine temperature gauge, replacable cylinder liners, cast iron piston, lubricating oil pump, muffler, pressurized full flow lubrication, oil bath air cleaner, fuel filter, steel skid base and is electric start. COOLANT TANK, STAND AND VIBRATION MOUNTS ARE OPTIONAL.


Electrical Specifications
Power Single-Phase ---
Maximum Output 6,600 watts
Continous Output 6,100 watts
Load Amperage at 120 volts ---
Maximum Load 55 Amps
Continous Load 51 Amps
Load Amperage at 240 volts ---
Maximum Load 27.5 Amps
Continous Load 25.4 Amps
Sound Level @ 23 ft(7 m) at full load 70 dB(A)

Model Lister Type
Type Indirect Injection
Cylinders 1
Operating RPM 1000 RPM
Horsepower 12 HP
Cylinder Block Cast Iron Block w/ Cast Iron Sleeve
Bore & Stroke 5.12" x 5.5"
Displacement 1.85 Liters
Air Cleaner Oil Bath Air Cleaner
Lubricating Oil Pump Standard
Oil Capacity 5.3 qts.
Recommended Engine Oil SAE 30
Counter Balance Weight (CBW) on Crankshaft Standard
Exhaust Outlet 2" OD Muffler Outlet
Governor Mechanical - Mico Bosch
Cooling Water-Cooled
Fuel Vegetable Oil
12 VDC Alternator Standard
Starting System Electric Start

Fuel Consumption
Consumption at 1/4 load 0.263 gallons/hour
Consumption at 1/2 load 0.311 gallons/hour
Consumption at 3/4 load 0.406 gallons/hour
Consumption at full load 0.478 gallons/hour

Control Panel
A. Temperature Gauge
B. Fuel Heater Switch
C. Fuel Pump Switch for Glycol
D. Temperature Switch from Engine Temp to SVO Temp
E. 12 VDC Battery Gauge
F. Running Indicator Light
G. Turn-Key Start

1. Fuel Inlet Valve 3-way valve switches from diesel fuel to vegetable oil
2. 12 V Heater Heats vegetable oil
3. Control Console Displays vegetable oil and engine temperature. Includes fuel pump switch to circulate glycol through heat exchanger.
4. Coils around Muffler Heats transfer fluid (glycol) from engine heat for heat exchanger
5. Fuel Return Valve 3-way valve switches from diesel fuel to vegetable oil
6. Heat Exchanger Transfers engine waste heat to the vegetable oil
7. Vegetable Oil Tank Optional - 3 gallon reservoir.

Engine Warranty 1 Year
Generator Warranty 1 Year
100% Coverage for Parts Standard

Without Coolant Tank & Stand
(L x W x H)
45" x 35" x 47"
With Coolant Tank & Stand
(L x W x H)
69-1/4" x 35" x 63-1/4"
Dry weight 1,300 lbs

    How it Works
  • Start the engine on diesel fuel.
  • Proplene glycol, a heat transfer fluid, circulates through a coil around the engine's muffler pipe.
  • The heated glycol enters a heat exchanger and transfers exhaust heat to the vegetable oil (SVO).
  • After exiting the heat exchanger, the warm SVO flows into a 12 V heater.
  • When the oil temperature reaches 160 degrees the three-way fuel inlet and return valve is switched over to SVO.
  • The SVO return loops back to the 12 V heater (not the SVO tank) to minimize the heat loss.
  • Prior to shutting off the engine, the fuel valves are switched back to diesel fuel to flush the system of SVO.


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