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Perkins 25 kW Diesel Generator - This Perkins diesel generator is suitable for continous use or emergency power and has plenty of power to your home, job site or business. This unit operates at 1800 RPM and with its critical exhaust silencer, deep stiff crankcase, electronic governing, isolated valve cover and 4 point vibration mounts, this set runs smooth and quiet.

Like all Central Maine Diesel products, this generator is fully customizable. From enclosure to fuel tank to controls to trailer, you choose the option that is right for you! And, as an added benefit, you will always have the flexibility to upgrade options later.
This unit features a Perkins 2.2L in-line 4-cylinder diesel engine, turbocharged cooling, indirect injection for increased fuel efficiency, low heat rejection and quicker starts, brushless generator end, cool flow radiator w/ fan guards, critical exhaust silencer, automatic voltage regulation, high volume air filter, control panel w/ hour meter and automatic safety shutdowns for low oil pressure and high water temperature.

Options   Price
Sound Proof Enclosure + $3595
100 Gallon Subbase Fuel Tank + $2575
250 Gallon Subbase Fuel Tank + $2875
Single-Axle Trailer + $3095

Maximum Output 25,750 watts
Continous Output 25,000 watts
Power One-Phase MLS4-Y
Load Amperage at 120 volts ---
Maximum Load 215 Amps
Continous Load 208 Amps
Load Amperage at 240 volts ---
Maximum Load 107 Amps
Continous Load 104 Amps

Model Perkins 404D-22TG
Combustion System Indirect Injection
Operating RPM 1800
Number of Cylinders 4
Cylinder Arrangement Vertical in-line
Cycle 4 stroke
Cylinder Block Cast Iron Block w/ Cast Iron Sleeve
Bore & Stroke 3.3" x 3.94"
Displacement 2216 cc
Compression Ratio 23.3:1
Exhaust Outlet 3" OD Muffler Outlet
Oil Capacity (w/ Oil Filter) 9 Qts
Induction System Turbocharged, air to air charge cooled
Cooling Water-Cooled
Coolant Capacity Approx. 7 Qts
Fuel No. 2 Diesel
Electric Fuel Pump 12 V - Standard
Fuel/Water Seperator Standard
Cold Weather Starting Aid Glow Plugs
Starting System Electric

Consumption at 1/2 load 1.19 gallons/hour
Consumption at 3/4 load 1.69 gallons/hour
Consumption at full load load 2.32 gallons/hour

Control Panel
Turn Key Start Standard
Hour meter Standard
Oil Pressure Shutdown Standard
Engine Overspeed Shutdown Standard
High Temperature Shutdown Standard

Installation Specifications
Fuel Inlet Hose Size 3/8"
Fuel Return Hose Size 5/16"
Power Lead Size 1/0 AWG
Exhaust Outlet 3" OD Muffler Outlet
Coolant Recommendation Mixture: 1/2 Anti-Freeze & 1/2 Water
Radiator Dimensions
(L x D x H)
22-3/4" x 9-1/2" x 24"
Service-Side Direction
(Facing Radiator)
Exhaust Direction
(Facing Service Side)
Fuel Inlet & Return Location
(Facing Service Side)
Inlet: Front-Side
Outlet: Front-Side
Power Output Direction
(Facing Service Side)
Battery Type 12 VDC - 650 CCA - Not Included
Engine Oil Type 10W-40 Synthetic

Engine Warranty 1 Year
Generator Warranty 1 Year
100% Coverage for Parts & Labor Standard

Length 63 inches
Width 24 inches
Height 45 inches
Dry weight 1,295 lbs



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