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  Isuzu 14 kW Marine Diesel Generator - Brand new marinized Isuzu diesel engine with heat exchanger cooling, wet exhaust and belt guard. Compact design makes this a perfect power plant for your house or fishing boat.

Isuzu Marine
Fresh-water cooling with coolant recovery tank + water injected exhaust elbow.

This unit features an Isuzu 3CE1 diesel engine, brushless generator with AVR (automatic voltage regulator) turn-key start panel with oil pressure and water temperature shutdown, heat exchanger, wet exhaust, raw water pump, glow plugs for cold weather starting and is electric start.

Options   Price
Two-Wire Auto Start + $495
19 Gallon External Fuel Tank + $375

Maximum Output 14,000 Watts
Continous Output 13,000 Watts
Load Amperage at 120 V
Maximum Load 116.7 Amps
Continous Load 108.3 Amps
Load Amperage at 240 V
Maximum Load 58.3 Amps
Continous Load 54.2 Amps

Model Isuzu 3CE1
Type Vertical In-Line, Indirect Injection
Horsepower 22.7 HP
Oil Capacity (w/ Oil Filter) Approx. 6.7 qts
RPM 1800
Cylinder Block Cast Iron w/ Cast Iron Sleeves
Bore & Stroke 3.46" x 3.54"
Cooling System Heat Exchanger
Fuel No. 2 Diesel
Electric Fuel Pump 12 V - Standard
Cold Weather Starting Aid Glow Plugs
Starting System Electric

Consumption at 1/2 load 0.58 gallons/hour
Consumption at 3/4 load 0.79 gallons/hour
Consumption at full load 0.99 gallons/hour

Control Panel
A. Turn-Key Start Switch Standard
B. Engine Preheat Standard
C. Hour Meter Standard
D. Oil Pressure Shutdown Standard
E. Water Temperature Shutdown Standard

Installation Data
Fuel Inlet 3/8"
Fuel Return 5/16"
Wet Exhaust Elbow 2" OD
Battery Type 12 VDC - 575 CCA
Engine Oil Type SAE 15-40
Exhaust Location & Direction
(Facing Belt Guard)
Service Points
(Facing Belt Guard)
Oil Fill: Left-Side
Air-Filter: Back-Side
Oil Filter: Left-Side
Fuel Filter: Left-Side
Power Output: Back-Side
Engine Oil Type SAE 15W-40
Oil Capacity (w/ Oil Filter) Approx. 6.4 qts

Maintenance Schedule
Replace Oil Filter 500 hours / 12 months
Replace Air Filter 500 hours / 12 months
Replace Fuel Filter 500 hours / 12 months
Exercise Generator Under Load Once each month
Change Oil 500 hours / 12 months

Engine 2 Years
Generator 1 Year
100% Coverage for Parts & Labor Standard

Length 39-1/2"
Width 21"
Height 29"
Weight 845 lbs


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