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Central Maine Diesel Inc. (“CMD”) is not affiliated with, sponsored by or otherwise associated with American Honda Motor Company, Inc. (“American Honda”). We purchase genuine Honda® engines and assemble the generator. Honda® is a registered trademark of American Honda.

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  5,000 Watt Gasoline Generator with Electric Start - This gasoline generator is suitable for standby power or emergency use and has plenty of power to run your home, job site or business. The generator's simple, compact design allows for easy installation in a variety of applications requiring a small footprint and can be anchored to a concrete pad or operated free standing.

Electric start.
Turn a key just like you start your car.

This unit features an Honda GX 270 gasoline engine, brushless generator, residential grade muffler, low oil pressure shutdown, large capacity automotive style air cleaner, receptacle panel with 120 V and 240 V outlets, welded steel skid frame, vibration isolator mounts, battery cables, 2 year warranty and electric start.


Maximum Output 5,500 watts
Continous Output 5,000 watts
Power One-Phase MLS4-Y
Load Amperage at 120 volts ---
Maximum Load 46 Amps
Continous Load 42 Amps
Load Amperage at 240 volts ---
Maximum Load 23 Amps
Continous Load 21 Amps
Sound Level 72 dB(A)

Model Honda GX 270
Type 4 Stroke, OHV
Displacement 270 cc
Oil Capacity Approx. 1.16 qts
Cylinder Block Aluminum w/ Cast Iron Sleeves
Bore & Stroke 3.03" x 2.28"
Exhaust Outlet 1" OD Muffler
Fuel Gasoline
Starting System Electric

Consumption at 1/2 load 0.44 gallons/hour
Consumption at 3/4 load 0.59 gallons/hour
Consumption at full load 0.68 gallons/hour

Power Output Panel
120/240 V Twistlock NEMA#L14-20R 1-20 Amp
120 V Duplex NEMA#5-20R 2-20 Amp

Installation Data
Minimum Power Lead Size 0-50 Feet: 10 AWG
51-100 Feet: 8 AWG
No. Power Lead Conductors 4
Exhaust Outlet 1" OD Muffler Outlet
Engine Oil Type 10W-30
Exhaust Location & Direction
(Facing Engine)
Service Points
(Facing Engine)
Oil Fill Cap: Right-Side
Fuel Inlet: Left-Side
Power Output: Back-Side
Control Panel: Front-Side
Air Filter: Front-Side

Maintenance Schedule
Replace Air Filter 300 Hours / 12 months
Replace Spark Plug 300 Hours / 12 months
Exercise Generator Under Load Once each month
Change Oil 100 hours / 6 months

Engine Warranty 2 Years
Generator Warranty 2 Years
100% Coverage for Parts & Labor Standard

Installation Data
Length 26"
Width 19"
Height 19-3/4"
Weight 185 lbs



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