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  Farymann 4.3 kW Marine Diesel Generator - This Farymann Diesel 4300 marine diesel generator is suitable for continous use. This brawny little single cylinder set has plenty of power to run your house or fishing boat and is raw water cooled.

Farymann Marine.
The smallest marine diesel.

In a raw water cooling system seawater is circulated through the engine instead of fresh water or antifreeze and that sea water cools the engine directly.

A heat exchanger cooling system is a "closed" system where fresh water or an antifreeze type coolant circulates inside the engine. This system is similar to a car engine where the antifreeze in the radiator is circulated through the engine.

This unit features a Farymann Diesel 18W diesel engine, water-cooling w/ replaceable water jacket, automatic decompression, direct injection, fuel transfer pump, exhaust elbow w/ water injection, brushless generator end, air intake silencer, stainless steel drip pan, automatic safety shutdowns and is electric start.

Maximum Output 4,300 Watts
Continous Output 4,200 Watts
Load Amperage at 120 V
Maximum Load 35.8 Amps
Continous Load 35 Amps

Model Farymann Diesel 18W
Type Direct Injection
Cylinders 1
Displacement 17.6 Cubic Inches
Air Intake Silencer Standard
Cooling System Raw Water Cooling
Water Pump Standard
Exhaust Elbow Standard - Water Injection
Fuel Transfer Pump Mechanical
Fuel Diesel
Starting System Electric and Hand Crank Start

1/2 Load 0.32 gallons/hour
3/4 Load 0.53 gallons/hour
Full Load 0.75 gallons/hour

Installation Data
Fuel Inlet 3/8"
Fuel Return 5/16"
Wet Exhaust Elbow 1-1/2" OD
Battery Type 12 VDC - 575 CCA
Exhaust Location & Direction
(Facing Engine)
Service Points
(Facing Engine)
Oil Fill: Front-Side
Air-Filter: Right-Side
Fuel Inlet: Left-Side
Power Output: Back-Side
Key Start:Right-Side
Engine Oil Type SAE 15W-40
Oil Capacity Approx. 1.6 qts

Maintenance Schedule
Replace Air Filter 500 hours / 12 months
Exercise Generator Under Load Once each month
Change Oil 500 hours / 12 months

Engine 1 Year
Generator 1 Year
100% Coverage for Parts & Labor Standard

Length 29 inches
Width 14 inches
Height 19 inches
Weight 133 lbs


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