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Home Backup 11,000 Watt Generator - Starts automatically when your utility power fails.

Weekly Self-Starting for Testing
Tests itself weekly with a built in weekly exercise clock. Kicks in within seconds of sensing a power loss.

This unit features a Quiet-Test self-test mode, 426 cc propane/natural gas engine, oil pressure shutdown and tough, all-aluminum enclosure.


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Generator Pad + $289

Power Single-Phase ---
Is this unit suitable for powering sensitive electronic equipment like a laptop computer? Yes - 1% regulation from no load to full load.
Maximum Output 11,000 watts
Continous Output 10,000 watts
Load Amperage at 120 volts ---
Maximum Load 91.7 Amps
Continous Load 83.3 Amps
Load Amperage at 240 volts ---
Maximum Load 45.8 amps
Continous Load 41.7 Amps
Sound Level @ 23 ft(7 m) 64 dB(A)

Displacement 530 cc
Cylinder Block Aluminum w/ Cast Iron Sleeve
Valve Arrangement Overhead Valve
Oil Capacity 1.7 qts
Cylinders 1
Governor System Electronic
*************** High Pressure Pump w/ Electrical Fuel Pump
Exhaust Outlet 1" OD Muffler
Fuel No. 2 Diesel
Starting System Electric

LP Gas   
1/2 load 0.87 gal/hr
Full load 1.37 gal/hr

~ Natural Gas   
1/2 load 4.62 cubic ft/hr
Full load 7.45 cubic ft/hr

Control Panel   
Turn-Key Start Standard
Hour Meter Standard
Oil Pressure Shutdown Standard

Automatic Transfer Switch   
Amperage 100 Amps
Voltage 120/240 V
Weekly Exercise Clock Standard

Installation Data   
Fuel Inlet Fitting 3/4" FNPT
Fuel Inlet Pressure Nat. Gas: 3.5-7"
Propane: 10-12"
Recommended Hose Size 3/8"
BTU Content 130,000 BTU
Flexible Fuel Line 1-3/4" NPT Fitting
Recommended Clearances 5' - All Sides
Composite Mounting Pad Standard
No. of Conductors No. 4 AWG
Service Side
(Facing fuel inlet)
Exhaust Location & Direction
(Facing service side)
Air-Flow Direction
(Facing service side)
Inlet: Left--Side
Outlet: Right-Side
Battery Type 12 VDC - 540 CCA
Engine Oil Type 10W-30 Synthetic

Maintenance Schedule   
Replace Air Filter 300 hours / 12 months
Exercise Generator Under Load Once each month
Change Oil 100 hours / 6 months

Engine Warranty 2 Years
Generator Warranty 2 Years
100% Coverage for Parts & Labor Standard

Length 48"
Width 25"
Height 29"
Dry weight 348 lbs


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