6/1 Lister Diesel Engine

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6/1 Lister Type Diesel Engine - Build your own Lister Type Diesel Generator to your specifications! Just add your own 2 pole (3600 RPM) or 4 pole (1800 RPM) generator head and cooling system!

This engine's simple, tried-and-tested design is known worldwide for its extreme simplicity, ease of starting, remarkable fuel economy and reliability.

This generator design kit features a 650 RPM 6 HP Single Cylinder Lister Type "Cold Starting" diesel engine w/ 3,000 watt power rating, indirect injection, replacable cylinder liner, lubricating oil pump, tapered roller bearing mains, exposed push rods, muffler, oil bath air cleaner, fuel filter, easy hand crank start w/ compression release, change over valve (COV) w/ high compression for easy starting, water-cooling and consumes only about 1 quart of diesel fuel per hour! COOLANT TANK, HOSE, STAND and GENERATOR ARE OPTIONAL.

Power Rating 3,000 Watts
Model Lister Type
Type Indirect Injection
Cylinders 1
Operating RPM 650 RPM
Horsepower 6 HP
Cylinder Block Cast Iron Block w/ Cast Iron Sleeve
Bore & Stroke 4.49" x 5.49"
Displacement 1.43 Liters
Air Cleaner Oil Bath Air Cleaner
Lubricating Oil Pump Standard
Oil Capacity 5.3 qts.
Change Over Valve (COV) Standard
Recommended Engine Oil SAE 30
Exhaust Outlet 2" OD Muffler Outlet
Governor Mechanical - Mico Bosch
Cooling Water-Cooled
Fuel No. 2 Diesel
Starting System Hand Crank

Consumption at 1/4 load 0.163 gallons/hour
Consumption at 1/2 load 0.192 gallons/hour
Consumption at 3/4 load 0.251 gallons/hour
Consumption at full load 0.296 gallons/hour
Fuel Tank Capacity 2.5 gallons
Run Time at 1/4 Load 15.3 hours

Installation Data
Coolant System Thermosiphon
Coolant Hose Size 1-1/4" OD
Engine Oil Requirement SAE 30
Exhaust Location and Direction
(Facing Hand Crank Handle):
Service Points Facing Hand Crank Handle
Oil Fill Right-Side
Oil Drain Right-Side
Oil Dipstick Left-Side
Air Intake Left-Side
Fuel Filter Front-Side
Vent Screw for Fuel Prime Front-Side
Coolant Intake/Outlet Right-Side
MICO (BOSCH) Fuel Injection Pump Left-Side
Change Over Valve (COV) Right-Side
Fuel Shut-Off Lever Left-Side
External Lube for Valve Train Left-Side
Rocker Arms Left-Side
Intake & Exhaust Valves Left-Side
Governor Spring Adjustment Nut Left-Side

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Here's how it works:

Changing water density drives the coolant circulation. As the water inside the water jacket of the engine heats up, its density drops. The changing water density drives the coolant circulation. The low-density water rises up and out of the engine through the upper coolant hose. Cooler water from the tank, acting as a non-compressible fluid is then pulled into the engine through the lower coolant hose, similar to a gravity-feed siphon.

Hand Crank Starting
Here's how it works:

Swing the exhaust tappet underneath the cylinder exhaust valve to prevent the valve from opening and closing completely. Turn the fuel rack lever to the 'Off' position (handle pointed upward).

Start turning the flywheel quickly.

You should hear the fuel pump triggering with a 'clink' during every other wheel rotation. Several seconds later you should hear the fuel injector triggering with a 'clunk'.

Continue turning with the flywheel with your right hand. With your left hand turn the fuel lever to the 'On' position and swing exhaust tappet out from the cylinder's valve. Turn the flywheel though one more compression stroke and the cylinder should fire.

Walk the crank handle off the crankshaft.

Engine Warranty 1 Year
100% Coverage for Parts Standard

Length 37-1/2"
Width 23"
Height 37"
Dry weight 945 lbs


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